Blue Lashes 20mm Adhesive Googly Eyes for Crafts/Embellishments 20pcs - 100pcs


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  • Size: 20mm
  • Colour: Blue Lashes
  • Type: Adhesive
  • Features: Googly Eyes for all sorts of arts and crafts, scrap-booking, kiddie projects, embellishments
  • Adhesive: Easy to use with an adhesive back: peel off the back sticker tab and stick onto object as desired
  • Colours: Clear eye cover with coloured lids, white backer and black eye
  • Material: Plastic
  • Mixed Color Packs: Choose by size: 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 15mm (each pack contains 10pcs of blue / green / pink / red / yellow). 20mm pack contains 6pcs of blue / green / pink / red / yellow
  • Mixed Size Packs: Choose by colour: blue / green / pink / red / yellow (each pack contains 10pcs of each size 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 15mm / 20mm)
  • This is not a toy and is not suitable for babies or children younger than 3 years. Young children should be supervised

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