Purple B0801 Fine Glitter for Crafts/Embellishments 5g - 100g

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  • Model: B0801
  • Brand: General Glitter Series
  • Size: 1/128in (0.2mm)
  • Colour: Purple
  • Type: Fine Glitter
  • Nail Art: Extra fine glitter dust that blends well with nail polish, acrylics and vanishes
  • Make-up: Great additive to spice up your lip gloss or eye shadow, and body glitter
  • Decor / Floristry: This fine glitter powder is perfect for glass dusting and glass decorations, table settings and floristry
  • Crafts: Excellent for use in scrapbooking, card making, schoold projects or any other art project
  • Material: PET (thermoplastic polymer resin)
  • Size: 1/128 inches (0.2mm) hexagonal shape: Fine loose glitter powder
  • Holographic Glitter: All colours marked with "B" codes: these have an opaque foil/mirror effect that produces a 3D rainbow image when the light catches it similar to a disco ball
  • Packaged in small zip-lock polybags
  • Not tested for food safety
  • Colour variations may occur due to the photographic process & screen display differences: image colours may differ from the actual product

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