150mm Cotton Candle Wicks with zinc tabs 10pcs - 200pcs

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  • Size: 150mm
  • Size: Wick diameter: 2mm (0.079 inch); Sustainer diameter: 15mm (0.59 inch).
  • Available Wick Lengths: 40mm (1.57 inch); 50mm (1.97 inch); 75mm (2.95 inch); 100mm (3.94 inch); 150mm (5.90 inch); 200mm (7.87 inch).
  • Features: PRE-Waxed, Cotton Cores, with Zinc sustainers / tabs. High quality wicks designed for use with soy, gel or paraffin wax.
  • Uses: The size can be cut to right length of your candle (choose a longer size). Perfect for small candles & tea lights, jar candles and figure molded candles
  • Colour variations may occur due to the photographic process & screen display differences: image colours may differ from the actual product

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