Blue Grey 5mm Flat Genuine Hide Leather Thong Cord 1 meter 1pcs - 20pcs


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  • Size: 5mm
  • Colour: Blue Grey
  • Type: Flat Real Leather
  • Size: 3mm (width) x ~1.8mm (thickness) - 0.12inch x ~0.07inch
    4mm (width) x ~2-2.5mm (thickness) - 0.16inch x ~0.08-0.09inch
    5mm (width) x ~1.8-2.2mm (thickness) - 0.2inch x ~0.07-0.08inch
  • Length: 1m lengths only: regret no continuous lengths available. If ordering more than 1m please note that the leather is pre-cut and you will receive your qty in 1m pieces
  • Material: Genuine hide leather
  • Colour Note: Due to the manufacturing & dying process, please note that there may be slight color variations between cords of the same size & color
  • Perfect for jewellery and crafts, braiding, leather repairs and finishes
  • Colour variations may occur due to the photographic process & screen display differences: image colours may differ from the actual products

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