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Butterfly - A Retro Brass OT Buckle Clasp Jewelery Connector 2pcs - 5pcs

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  • Model: Butterfly - A
  • Size: Buckle: 2x2cm Clasp (L): 2.5cm
  • Colour: Alloy (Plated Brass)
  • Type: OT Buckle Clasp
  • Materials: Alloy, Plated Brass, Lead free
  • Lobsters clasps: Lobsters clasps have a parrot trigger (opposite connector ring not included)
  • OT Buckle clasps: OT Buckle clasps have ring and T connector
  • Features: Beautiful jewelry connectors in a variety of styles. Can be used on necklaces, bracelets, anklets - please check the sizes below to select an appropriate clasp
Size Details:
Rustic - A1.5x3.1cmLobster Clasp
Leaf - B1.7x3cmLobster Clasp
Rustic - C1.7x3cmLobster Clasp
Heart - D1.5x2.7cmLobster Clasp
Heart - E1.5x2.7cmLobster Clasp
Heart - F1.5x2.7cmLobster Clasp
Flower - G1.4x2.5cmLobster Clasp
Sqaure - H1.5x2.8cmLobster Clasp
Flower - I1.5x2.6cmLobster Clasp
Heart - J1.5x2.7cmLobster Clasp
Heart - K1.6x2.6cmLobster Clasp
Heart - L1.2x2cmLobster Clasp
Dolphine - M1.3x1.9cmLobster Clasp
Peace - N1.5x2.8cmLobster Clasp
Cross - O1.5x2.8cmLobster Clasp
Cross - P1.7x3cmLobster Clasp
Flower - Q1.5x2.8cmLobster Clasp
Elephant - R1.2x2.4cmLobster Clasp
Whale - S1.2x2.4cmLobster Clasp
Fish - T1.4x2cmLobster Clasp
Butterfly - ABuckle: 2x2cm Clasp (L): 2.5cmOT Buckle Clasp
Celtic - BBuckle: 1.6x2.2cm Clasp (L): 2.5cmOT Buckle Clasp
Butterfly - CBuckle: 2x1.5cm Clasp (L): 3.2cmOT Buckle Clasp
Heart - DBuckle: 1.4x1.7cm Clasp (L): 2.1cmOT Buckle Clasp
Heart - EBuckle: 1.3x2cm Clasp (L): 1.6cmOT Buckle Clasp
Flower - FBuckle: 1.4x2cm Clasp (L): 2.5cmOT Buckle Clasp
Heart - GBuckle: 1.4x2.2cm Clasp (L): 2.4cmOT Buckle Clasp
Celtic - HBuckle: 1.7x2.5cm Clasp (L): 2.5cmOT Buckle Clasp
Leaf - IBuckle: 1.7x1.9cm Clasp (L): 1.7cmOT Buckle Clasp
Dragonfly - JBuckle: 2.2x2.5cm Clasp (L): 3.4cmOT Buckle Clasp
Leaf - KBuckle: 1.5x2cm Clasp (L): 1.9cmOT Buckle Clasp
Heart - LBuckle: 1.6x1.6cm Clasp (L): 1.6cmOT Buckle Clasp
Mermaid - MBuckle: 1.7x2cm Clasp (L): 2.3cmOT Buckle Clasp
Circle - NBuckle: 1.3x1.7cm Clasp (L): 2cmOT Buckle Clasp
Circle - OBuckle: 2.1x2.4cm Clasp (L): 2.9cmOT Buckle Clasp
Celtic - PBuckle: 1.7x2cm Clasp (L): 1.9cmOT Buckle Clasp
Flower - QBuckle: 2.1x2.9 Clasp (L): 2.8cmOT Buckle Clasp
Circle - RBuckle: 1.4x1.9cm Clasp (L): 1.9cmOT Buckle Clasp
Rose - SBuckle: 1.7x1.9cm Clasp (L): 2.3cmOT Buckle Clasp

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