PCB BGA SMD Soldering Paste Flux Grease RMA-223 10ml / 10cc 1pcs - 5pcs

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  • Size: 10ml / 10cc
  • Type: RMA-223
  • Features: RMA-223 is a high viscosity no-clean flux, it can be used for PCB, BGA, PGA reworking - it can be used for soldering and reballing of all types of chips.
  • Uses: Good Immersion, High Intensity joining. Its purpose is to clean surface oxides from the area being heated so the solder can form a good joint between the metals being joined
  • To Use: Remove the red cap from the back and black cap from the front. Press the inner tube inward to extract some paste through the front nozzel
  • The mixture of high-quality alloyed powder & resin pasty flux, expect a yellow residue but it can be easily cleaned off

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