LM2596 Buck DC power Convertor Step Down Voltage Regulator 1.3V - 32V 15W 2A 7cm x 4cm 1pcs - 5pcs


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  • Size: 7cm x 4cm
  • Wattage: 15W
  • Voltage: 1.3V - 32V
  • Current: 2A
  • Input voltage: 7-35V
  • Ripple frequency: 150 KHZ
  • Voltmeter precision: +- 8%
  • With voltage display function, the displayed accuracy is ± 0.2V, range is 7 - 35V. (Note: in order to voltage display more accurate, please ensure that the input voltage is higher than 7V)
  • Continuously adjustable output voltage range of 1.3V -32V, 7-35V input voltage range. (The input voltage is at least high than the output voltage of 1.5V)
  • Thermal shutdown and current limit protection

Datasheet available here

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