TXRX315 RF transmitter-receiver kit for Arduino ARM MCU 9mA (3V) - 40mA (12V) 1pcs - 5pcs

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  • Model: TXRX315
  • Current: 9mA (3V) - 40mA (12V)
  • Working voltage (TX): 3V - 12V
  • Working voltage (RX): 5.0VDC +0.5V
  • Sensitivity (RX): 100dBm (50Ω)
  • Modulation mode: ASK/OOK
  • Self-owned codes: negative
  • Working principle: single chip superregeneration receiving
  • Frequency error (TX): +150kHz (max)
  • Bandwidth (RX): 2MHz
  • Working frequency: 315MHz
  • Transmitting velocity (RX): +9.6Kbps (at 315MHz and -95dBm)
  • Velocity (TX): +10Kbps
  • Transmission power (TX): 25mW (315MHz at 12V)

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