Hair Catcher for Shower/Basin Drainpipes White 1pcs - 4pcs

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  • Colour: White
  • Features: Awesome shower/basin drainpipe hair catcher / strainer. Quick and easy installation and cleaning
  • Material: High grade silicon
  • Suitable for: Standard 1.5 inch / 3.81 cm shower drain pipe opening
  • How it works: The catcher is designed to be placed inside of the drain pipe and stick out above of the drain opening by about 1/2 inch for optimum water flow. Hair wraps around the center cylinder while water is flowing through.
  • Installation: To install simply insert the drain catcher into the drain pipe opening. Standard mesh-type covers can usually be removed to insert the strainer.
  • Cleaning: To clean, simply pull the catcher out of the drain opening and remove the collected hair from the cylinder.
  • Special Note: Not suitable for drain openings that are equipped with a stopper. It can be used for any drain where a stopper/closer is not installed

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